the weather outside is frightful.

I don't know whether I have ADHD or tourettes, but i can't seem to get comfortable today. I keep moving around and squirming. I thinks its because I've been reading blogs all day and i'm just overwhelmed with what mine can become!

 (Sleeveless Denim Jacket-Levi's; Olive Hoodie-Topman Clothing; Denim Skinny Jeans-Levi's; Cutup Plaid Shorts-American Eagle; Leopard Head Tie-H&M; Pink Pearl Necklace-Cherry Bomb Accessories; Gold Zipper Necklace-Marc Jacobs; Olive Hunter Boots-Walmart)

I've been up since 11 and between eating ever so slightly (toast and tea), watch a guy movie (ninja assassin) which by the way is EXTREMELY gory for no reason at all, but the hero of the movie ( Korean pop star Rain) is HAWT! I can say I only watched about 20 consecutive minutes of the movie, and 18 of those were spent fantasizing about him raping me (not considered rape if you like it?) I've been finding ways to better my blog and get it out there and moving in the technological world. I did however manage to squeeze in a break to take random pictures with outfits you would only see in photoshoots. I do however know a couple people who dress like this regularly, and I love them dearly for it.

P.S- I DESPERATELY need a camera and a photographer. Or at least a friend who's into taking pictures. Sigh. If anyone's reading this, i'll supply the camera, you just hold it and click.

P.P.S-Now that I think about it I need food, and my stomach is making damn sure to remind me of that. I can eat when I get more than 100 viewers a day.

P.P.P.S-Who am I kidding, i'll be pigging out on Mcdonald's before 7. So much for self-control.

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  1. love the first pic. the necklace/shirt combo is hot! if you have a spare moment I would love if you visited me.

    F. ( x