all things denim.

I forget where, but i read earlier today that denim is scheduled to make a return in 2011. Well, more specifically come into style in 2011, because quite frankly, to me, denim is immortal. There's no proper way to kill it, and even if their was, what would we make our skinny's out of? Velour? That's what i thought.

(Denim Button Down: Topman; Denim Jeans [Blue & Black]: Levi's; Denim Jacket: Gap; Denim Vest; Levi's; Denim Light Wash Rolled Up Jeans: Hollister; Shades: Rag-o-Rama; Boots: Aldo's)

These are a couple of pieces of mine that are denim. I treasure them dearly and refuse to ever let them go. Ever. I think i need to go ahead and add onto my growing collection of randomly bought items, cause looking at these pics are reminded me that getting one thing in every shade and texture is the way of the future. Or maybe it's already been the in thing, and im just late. Busy stuffing my face or sleep somewhere probably. I like where this new discovery of what my closet has to offer is taking me and i think that if i buckle down, and concentrate i can make me closet a force to be reckoned with...On a budget of course. As a wise philospher once said, "Ain't tryna be a broke bitch!"


  1. yesyes i love double denim!
    um my camera is...a Canon EOS 500D ? i'm pretty sure anyway :)

    F. ( x

  2. Double denim is the only way I wear it! Its so comfortable and chic.

    Ah ok, I need to invest in a camera BADLY lol.
    Thanks for the help & love! =)