tangerine chef.

Appetizing right? I cooked that! #POW

(Jacket-Topman; Pants-H&M; Scarf-Old Navy; Boots-Franco Fortini; Hoodie-Hell if I know)
I felt moved by the Food Ghawd to go and slave away my life in the kitchen. I made shrimp, fries, and cookies (they didnt live long enough to make it to the photo portion of their life. RIP)
They muffins will be made tomorrow, but the package was so pretty and they went with the color scheme of the photos so i threw caution to the cooking oil scented wind and snapped a pic.
This post had a nice orange, brown, gold thing going so i decided to snap a pic of myself to go along with it.
(and yes this is what i cooked in) 

P.S-luckily my clothes caught none of the scent. Whew!

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