Hope Christmas was good to you like it was to me! Most of these pictures are of what i got and how i plan to use them in my conquest for one big spectacular birthday gift ( May 7th).

Steering Wheel is a picture of my (future) car. I unfortunately have to wait for the minor problems to be fixed and i can barely contain my self. Even watching Little Miss Sunshine and quoting every other line couldn't stop me from looking out the window and fantasizing. 
Fur Coat is my gift to myself. I saw it, Fashion Ghawd moved me, and i bought it. Simple enough right? 
I absolutely LOVE the Nylon Street View books, they are amazing, so i was shocked to see my grandmother actually went into urban outfitters, and bought it for me. 1. She went to Urban Outfitters (holy shit) 2. She bought something from in there (faints from disbelief)
AND LASTLY, meet Braughn. Yes, i named my camera. We meet two days ago, and it was love at first sight (Madonna's Get Together starts a slow build-up in my mind). I opened my gift and say this beautiful light blue-green box and a preview of what braughn would look like but when i opened it, he look so much more sexier in person (Song plays louder). I had been stalking him for months and now to finally have him here (psycho much?) i couldn't contain myself! (Song on full blast).
Needless to say, but will be said anyways, I love my gift.

P.S- Braughn is my boyfriend until further notice, thank you. 

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