floral winter.

(Blazer-Old Navy; Pearl Necklace-Topshop; Tank Top, Shades, & Floral Print Wallet-Urban Outfitters; Floral Print Pants-H&M; Boots-Aldo's 

My bestfriend and I decided to take a trip to the museum today (we actually had this day planned out several weeks ago, and this is the only day we actually managed to initiate it successfully). Being that this was downtown Atlanta and we don't have a dime to our names, we parked about a block away by the park, which in retrospect, seemed like an awesome idea, but the bitter cold wind and my tank top did NOT get along. There were so many interesting pieces all over the exhibit and i wanted pics, BUT they had guards with (NOTE:exaggeration!) high powered rifles stationed at every turn, so i wasn't in a pressing my luck type mood. Afterwards we snapped a couple pics, grabbed some well deserved grub, and sped home to do absolutely nothing! Ah, what a simple life I lead.

Oh, actually we started planning for the shots party we're having tomorrow but thats another story for another post (spoiler much?!!)...

I was feeling funky (or whatever adjective fits best) today, so i went ahead and broke out my christmas present to myself (one of many), my floral print H&M pants, which i absolutely love. This will NOT be the last time you see these, kid you not!

P.S- Happy Holidays all you hippies out there! Love, Nick =)

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  1. thank you for your comment. i hope you had a great xmas :)

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