This past weekend I went back home to Atlanta with my best friend to get her braces removed and escape from my mundane existence in Statesboro. My other best friend stays in Atlanta, so when we got back we immediately got together and the trio was revived.

          I love those two with all my heart and out of al the people I know, I can say our compatibility is unmeasurable. The whole weekend was filled with laughs, food, and quality time. We had heart to hearts and multiple naps and such. I really didn't take many pictures (actually i hardly took any) as i really wanted to focus on bonding with my loves and enjoy the city. The Weather was fuming fantastic and everything worked out perfect, especially time wise which is unheard of with us (aka the off time crew).

      Im glad to have tagged along for the trip, and I needed it to release steam and replenish my reserves of inspiration and energy. I miss Atlanta so and my heart is heavy when I'm not there. Im a sucker for the homesick feeling, I know. If you don't miss home, though, what can you long for?

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