Triangle Party.

         Another day of bipolar weather in Statesboro. This morning was very brisk so I naturally assumed that the rest of the day would be cool. I threw on my Oscar De La Renta Olive Cardigan and vintage bag, Jeans I got from seemingly nowhere (I probably stole them from a friend or something), and Urban Outfitters shirt/shoes, paired with this really cute triangle shaped necklace I got from Atlanta. It looks like it could be a extremely monotonously put together. It looks like an expensive piece mainly. I absolutely adore it.

        Of course, the cool weather didn't last for long. It ended around 10 and heat promptly took its place, but I faced it like a trooper. Dehydration and all. I feel that with all this sudden change in weather, i should be sick by now, but my immune system is pulling a double shift and kicking sick's ass. I give it until October until I'm making a post from my sick bed with my rose printed sheets comically wrapped around me like a depressed burrito. Here's to weather changes to come.

        I truly cannot wait for a change in weather, mainly for the complete transition from tanks and other lightweight items, to the heavy artillery-- thick jackets, trenches, and more favorited, my sweaters and my wool/tweed blend blazer. I'm literally howling to wear those. Im looking at my credit card and the etro jackets on ebay and im this close |_| to unintentionally typing in my credit card number.

                              Side Note: I know my credit card number by heart--security code and all. Sad, and I know I am NOT the only person with this disheartening ability.

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