Access Gold

                whatimwearing: levis jeans, sneakers, thrifted button down & gold belt, UO jacket, Cheap Monday Pony Hair Necklace 

Finally decided to try out my golden belt that I thrifted a couple weeks ago. I was so surprised, flattered, and honored that it fit around my waist and I didn't have to hold my breath in and suck, basically, my entire body in to get it to stay. It seems that all of a sudden I've acquired this obsession with all things gold (jewelry that is). I have no idea where it cam from, but I've decided to turn my summer into an experiment to drench myself in every piece of gold jewelry I can snatch. I'm still on the fence with the idea of gold clothing, seeing as I have a subconscious dislike of the idea. Weird. 

My necklace has pony hair on it, and absolutely love to pet it. I think I brushed it for like 20 minutes one day...-- Anyways, im a little upset that the chain is so short, but after wearing it out, I can see that it would be very painful for this shockingly heavy piece of metal to continuously sling into your chest. Ouch.  

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