Baroque With Expensive Poses

I fought hard for this shirt; I fought VERY hard for this shirt. 2 whole days of tedious eBay bidding, which i found slightly exhilarating as it was my first time ever bidding on something. I even went as far as to download the eBay app on my phone, and was even bidding at work! Shamelessly, I took my break early to place my final bid, and i ended up winning. This shirt was worth the excessive checking of my phone every 5 seconds of the day. 

whatimwearing: Vintage Shirt, Calvin Klein Lounge Pants, Aldo Boots

I wore it with my Calvin Klein Lounge Pants for a very relaxed and flowing look (plus it was a breezy warm day, so it just felt right). I absolutely love the Baroque style print of the shirt as well as the colors, very classic Versace in the late 80's... SO I decided to take some pictures, dare I say it, worthy of being a Versace Ad in Vogue or something- not really, but I can dream, right? 

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