Army Brat

whatimwearing: thrifted sweater & hat, h&m jacket, levis shorts via urban outfitters, UGG Boots

Had a few minutes before work today and decided to take a couple of snapshots. Yesterday's weather didn't give way to allowing me to take beautiful pictures. It literally rained all across the US which was sad & hilarious at the same time. Since bright yellow is one of the "it" colors for spring, I broke out my lemon skull sweater and took it from there. I haven't worn my SHORT shorts in so long that it felt like a long lost reunion sliding them on. My favorite pair (for those who know me, its OBVIOUS) of shorts would be these, not just for the slight ode to vintage daisy dukes in color and fit, but because of the messy, yet aesthetically appealing arcs of twisted and bound strings of denim that loop in the front. I love how unplanned things that go right look, and these are no exclusion. The overall look is slightly militant with just enough playfulness added.

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