Mala Noche.

After packing for seemed to be hours and hours of relentless dust clouds in my face and rediscovering lost socks and shirts from various place in my dorm room, I took a break and decided to catch up on some Netflix which is fucking heaven sent for the bored and (or) lonely. After scrolling for a  surprisingly short amount of time i came across, Mala Noche, a movie shot in Black and White, 16mm, I think, about a store clerk how has a crush on a mexican immigrant boy who comes around the neighborhood. This movie not only satisfied my pre-established boredom but increased my inspiration in a new moving trend for spring, Black.

This spring Black clothing is in, and its mainly for like a rocker look, but I im inspired for a Black, Americana-grunge style mixture. 2011's take on flannel shirts and different blends of denim. I know this sounds like a homage to 90's, almost like a psychopathic declaration of vengeance for the Kurt Cobain meet Levi's Store movement. No, its not. I only take the images of mixing dark jeans with cowboy boots or any loosely western inspired boots. Modern flannel shirts and Denim Shirts for an updated look, so your not stuck too much in the past. The look this spring, for me at least, is a slight return to the rugged male prostitute look. While the rest of the men's fashion world is indulging in the Polo-esque 50's Americana, I think i'll go the way of the Marlboro-esque 50's Americana. Whats your inspiration?

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