Amazing Grace.

First off, Happy Mother's Day! Secondly, my birthday was yesterday and I had an absolute ball getting drunk and running around the dorms and crashing into the walls like bumper cars. Extremely fun. Now its time to get busy studying for finals, and I'm in a lazy mood. Finals week is always the worst, mostly because I don't study. For anything. Ever. So when I'm asked to study continuously for hours-- even days-- I tend to put it off until the last moments or just do it right then with an evil aura emanating from me. All this is in reference to me watching "The September Issue" while I was suppose to be studying. I absolutely love that documentary and the behind the scenes grittiness of it. Its about Vogue Magazine, Fashion's foremost influential and recognizable print, and the work and drama that goes into putting a very special issue together, The September issue. After watching I got inspired to go and look up the movie's leadinG protagonist, Grace Coddington.

Now, I'm not saying look up like see what she looks like and see what's occupation , because I've known who the genius was for almost half of my life, And she is beyond amazing. I mean look up, in the sense of study her work and get a feel for what inspires her and her skills at work. If you don't know who the talented Miss Coddington is you are missing out, and if you are in fashion, then you should be killed.

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