I'll Sit Systematically Between Decisions.

This is the last week of school and im beyond ready to head back home. One part of me wants to rest, and the other part wants to  focus on turning this summer into one filled with meeting new people, going to parties every night, getting my face out there and work on my connections. Neither one of them will be easy.

If I decide to stay in this Summer, I'll most likely miss key opportunities to get myself out there and open doors. Also I'll run out of shit to do, and be bored out of my mind. Obviously it will be hard to go out and but myself and my ideas o the front staged for them to be judged and critiqued, good and bad.  It
will ultimately depend on what i want to nurture more over the break, my well-being physically or socially.

I have to take into account how I want this summer to play out and what exactly it is I want to accomplish. I guess over this last week, while slaving over my last Apparel garment I'll tackle whatever it is I need and decide from there. This weekend though, is my birthday (turning 19) which I'll enjoy (and will take plenty pictures of) with friends and be calling my family to see how everything is going. I miss my mother and little brother's faces so much and I cannot wait to be home again. 

Enjoy your weekend, I know I will.

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