Atlanta, we have SNOW! And I'm not talking about those half-ass ice storms we get every so often around this time of the year. There is about 6 or 7 inches of snow under a 2 inch layer of ice covering my entire neighborhood and most likely the rest of the city. So what a boy to do when he's snowed in with 4 other people who haven't the slightest interests in the same things as him? GO TAKE PICTURES!  

(Hanes White Tee Shirt; Levi's Black Skinny Jeans, Selfmade Necklace, Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat, H&M Bomber Hat, Walmart Boots) 
I attempted to "poke" the blogs name into the snow. It look better in person, bleh. See it and a picture of my snowball fight outfit after the smoke break.

You didnt think i would have on armor or anything did you? I won, so it doesn't matter =]

love love love!


  1. the first pic is HOTT. love everything about it!

    F. ( x

  2. In love with that necklace boi <3