the justice system & grunge.

( H&M Black Caridgan and Jeans, Thrifted Plaid Button Down, Urban Outfitters Shoes, Self Made Necklace, Levi's Denim Vest) 
the justice system won today. I should really say that karma took hold and made sure that my bestfriend and I  were put into check and shown who's head bitch around here. Long story short, I got a boot on my car.
Pictures and more detail of our slice of humility cake after the smoke break.

        Nice boot right? I thought so too until my car got a pair. When I say pair I mean it literally. They put two on there. Excessive. We didnt go far enough to actually have to have boot put on , but according to the ESP officer, we went just far enough. We went to Rag-O-Rama in Little 5 Points and used there parking lot. Now we did go in there as I had intentions on selling clothes, which I did. (I wont enclose how much I got, cause its embarrassing).
        We went across the street (thats my story and im sticking to it) took a couple lovely pictures, came back and found these lovely pair of red iron/steel mix size 22 boots on my car's feet. At first I was staring in disbelief cause you only see these in the movies and on that one TLC show ( can't recall the name), but soon came to the realization that its on the with it. After going into a repetitious wailing of "oh my  god! there's a boot on the car!" for what seemed like an  hour and becoming the parking lot attraction, we got it off.  Needless to say, never park in their parking lot.

P.S- It was all my bff fault.
P.S.S- I was going for a pseudo-grunge look today. Yes?

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