cloudy day hustle.

(Urban Outfitters Shoes and Undershirt, Topman Button Down, Gap Pants & Belt)

        Today (well yesterday) was the first day of school annnndddd it decided to be ugly, gray, and rainy. Great. I had to wake up at 8 and be in class by 9:30 which was a challenge for me because: 1. I dont wake up early often (even WITH an alarm) 2. It takes me FOREVER to decide on something to wear to class, so i usually end up being late =/ 3.Class was on the other side of campus. No bueno.
I actually did good today as not only did i get up and finish dressing on time i actually had time take pictures! One day down, 15 weeks to go. Joy


  1. i hate waking up early too. love the rolled up pants with the canvas shoes. you should rock boat shoes!!

    F. ( x