I've Been Following That Unicorn For 2 Weeks.

You ever had those days were you thought it was going to be a day off from everything were you can just rest and enjoy the pleasure of laying in bed with bad movies, empty calories from junk food, and little to no clothes?...But the whole day is nothing but work and running around, leaving you tired and exhausted? Yeah, well that day for me has been stretched out into two weeks. No don't get me wrong, the night i got back to Atlanta, I partied that night, and I partied HARD. I came back home at 6 something with only half my necklace and no shoes one, smelling like alcohol and ciggies. Great night, and I've had about 3 other nights like that, but i've been swamped with work and getting my shit situated for the next year of school. Many of you might not know but i write for a magazine, The S Magazine, and I greatly enjoy working for them. I recently got promoted  to Fashion Director, which gives me a bigger role (yay) and more responsibility (poo). I still enjoy every moment of it, and love the work. Now this isn't the only thing I've been time consumed with, and now im going to list everything that i've been doing since last post.
1. Partying every chance I get. No need to be a recluse AND swamped in work. Thats suicide
2. Dying of heat in my house. Apparently, the AC doesn't like me. 
3. Online shopping cause its too hot to go and shop with human contact.
4. I bought Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" so I've pretty much been blasting that for a week straight. Seriously, I haven't listened to any other music beside that. Its a fucking masterpiece.
5. Dealing with cravings for food from all my favorite restaurants and  guilty pleasure from when i was  unable to get them at school. I'm a fat little pigglet now. And proud.
6. Learning how to wield a MAC brush and darken my eyebrows. Eh
7. Listen to Born This Way over and over and over and over again. Yes, I  listed it twice. I'll deny any stan-like association in a heartbeat.
8. Feeding my new found addiction to Peanut Butter. Its an awesome late night snack and its sooo creamy, and I need something to calm my sexual frustrations. 
9. Prostituting. (Obviously lying....i hope its obvious)
10. Working on the Magazine and putting stuff together for the June and July Issue.
11. Making a workout plan for myself. Running mountains is the first thing that came to mind. I hate myself apparently.
12. Building contacts and working On what content will go on my blog and how I can attract more attention. Everything I do, I do with my blog and its readers in mind, it is my baby you know.
13. Wearing the most revealing outfits I have, at night of course. I guess that makes #9 a little harder to not believe.
I have some free time now and I plan to use it for the blog and update the contents and focus on getting it where I think it should be as far as conveying my ideas. Hard work, plain and simple. 

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