Even The Ugliest Ones.

Style is a completely imaginative replication of one's self. Not only that, its the creation of the various emotions you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Today, I felt unorthodox and ugly.

Now, when I say ugly I don't mean in the aesthetic way. Im speaking in the terms, of a inner mood and feeling. The weather today was ferocious, and more cumbersome , it decided to switch from hot at noon to freezing by 2. Not a fun day at all when you add in an exam in Biology to the mix.

I decided that with an ugly day and ugly outlook on the day should come an ugly outfit. I personally love ugly outfits. I'll  rephrase this: I love outfits that follow no set theme or ideal flow. Outfits with random pieces melded together tastefully always catch my eye and bring forth the creation of a story.

I never could really find a use for the shirt with the abstract slashes of graffiti until today. I couldnt be more happier with this ugly outcome.

Do you have any "ugly" outfits?

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