I've Been Dead So Long, I Forgot To Blog These Flowers.

Its been waaaaaaay too long oh blog i have forsaken thee!!!

Spring is definitely not my season. It’s been awhile since I posted, and I’ve truly been slipping on keep my blog up but that will change very soon. I’ve been swamped with schoolwork and projects, along with my sinuses kicking my ass and keeping me in bed all weekend. Besides that I’ve taking my sick time to plan out some really great things that I want to create with my blog and outside of school.

I’ve decided that this summer I will make my own accessories and try my hand at making my own shirts. Yes, im going to do it and if they come out looking irregular and funny, the better. I’ll call ‘em the “Susanna Cut” Fit. Hell, they for me anyways so no matter how they come out I’ll be happy that manage to make it. Anyhoos, im going to start back blogging regularly and focusing on what blogging is for: a personal expression of yourself and whatever the fuck else you want it to be! So to start I decided to post these flowers that were “liberated”. They are so beautiful and its great to be inspired by nature, which has been done so many times before but it never goes out of style or loses its “freshness”.  I cannot wait for the summer to start so I can refocuses on personal projects and not ones for school.  What do you plan for the summer?

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