I cut all of my hair off. I have no hair now. Its heartbreaking, yes, I just stared at my long curls for about 30 mins before making the walk over to the barbershop to see it all come off. Year and a half of growing and dying and shaping, cut off in a matter of 8 mins. =/........But i bought a BEAUTIFUL floppy sun hat from Rag-O-Rama and some shades from H&M. 

My hair gave me edge, I wont deny that, but ultimately it comes down to the person to define themselves and what edge they have, and in no way will this stop me from being me. I have some projects I need to finish and actually start working on. 

PS: MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE IN JAPAN!!!!!! I have two friends in Hiroshima and thankfully they survived relatively unscathed. I know some people aren't that lucky.

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