wake up & get together!

1st thing out of bed. Not too shabby lol
So I woke up at 10:50 feeling a little groggy, but that all changed when I saw an email giving me complements on my blog (yay me!). Jumping out of the bed, well actually rolling out of it I instantly come downstairs to the big family computer A.K.A Big Daddy, and turned on one of my fav. songs in the World: "Get Together" by Madonna. This song is actually my most played song on my itunes (with a total count of 654 times o_0). I'm a Madonna whore, so what?

This is my breakfast. Don't be fooled though, this hippie can EAT!

This is only the beginning of the day. I'm planning to have lunch with my best friend; a post-birthday gathering for two, of sorts. Our fav. spot to eat like savages at is The Flying Biscuit Cafe in Midtown of Atlanta. So believe there will be pictures posted later today of that. Until then, See you on the Other Side.


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