old and new dreams alike.

What do you want do with your life? This is the 100 Million dollar question everyone asks themselves at one point in there life. I've asked myself this countless times, especially when im doing something stupid or against what I stand for (like shopping at American Eagle or going to the westside of Atlanta. Yuck). While watching boring, mindless TV, I though about the pow-wow i had with my cuntraisin, and we talked about some silly things, but then the it turned serious and we talked about decisions made in life. "When are you too young to figure out your life, and when is it too much to already know what you want? I know have not a fucking clue where I wanna go with myself and I know that after College i'm not gonna know what to do, and it scares me shitless. Moving back to New York crossed my mind, but I don't have anybody there (that I really talk to). Am I too young to figure out thats where i wanna go, and is it too much that i know what i wanna do there? What if I don't make it? I don't wanna become homeless, or worse, dead. Or worse a prostitute. Or worse, a fast food worker. I'm gonna stop now cause that last statement gave me goosebumps. Decide your fate, but don't set it in stone. Not yet, at least.

P.S- I found my old SCAD book and thought it was funny remembering how much I use to carry that thing around EVERYWHERE.

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