all i wanted was some cake.

I hate washing my hair. It takes forever to dry and when its done it takes this ugly shape for the rest for the day, so I usually just wash it at night before I go to sleep. I failed at that tonight. Miserably. I washed my hair as usual and dry off laid down for about 3 mins, before I got with the BIGGEST fat boy craving ever! A couple days ago my mom had this crack-esque cheesecake-pound cake hybrid bar thingy by Paula Deen. Now ya'll know, anything made by that woman is either 1) butter soaked 2) extremely bad for you 3) butter soaked and extremely bad for you. I jumped up threw on some clothes and my rain/hunter boots and jetted out (Covering up my hideous hair of course). Long story short, i ended up by two pizzas and a pint of Ben & Jerry. $17 down the drain. I love Ben & Jerry Ice Cream with ALL OF MY FUCKING HEART, but I was in the mood for that got damn cheesepoundcake bar and IT KILLED ME that they were gone. Fucking walmart customers. I hate when they buy up whatever it is that I want. The ice cream was good as hell though. I burnt the pizzas though. Oh well

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