all things wild.

This weekend has been one of my busiest ones ever! Since Thursday, i've been waking up at 6 and 7 and going to bed at 4 just to repeat the process. Parties, arrands, shopping, and making plans. Thats all i've been doing, and i need a break. Thank God for Sundays and the silence setting on cellphones. I took these photos Thursday when i had an hour of rest, which now looking back, should have been used on a nap or something, but whatever.

(Beaded Ceramic Necklace: Gift; Seashell Plate Earrings: H&M; Bracelets and Cross: Anthropologie; Shades: Target; Scarf: Handmade; Bags: Rag-O-Rama; Shirt-Urban Outfitters; Cowboy Boots: Rag-O-Rama)

These a couple of my items (excluding the earrings and two of the bracelets) that i snapped for my "wild" themed post. I managed to snag a really cute scarf and pair of pants that would go awesome with this collection, but i don't feel doing anything extra to this post (atm at least). I wanna go into a deep sleep for a couple of days and be completely refreshed before i decided to do anything else. A boy can dream right?

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