lunch and a park date.

My Stomach's favorite Love Affair
Caught him looking at my plate.
Fat Ass!
Had the most fun ever today. I met up with my bestfriend Jordan for lunch today at our fav. spot! The FLYING BISCUIT CAFE! After we pigged out, we took a stroll around the park and had a mini-photoshoot. Saw a couple sights that remind me why I love Atlanta, so much. The rest of this week has something to be measured to. Lets hope it does get fucked up -__-

=) Little Asian on the wall
I actually forgot how wishy-washy Atlanta's weather can get (>_>) so my shorts were not the best choice.
A fashionable guy I spotted waaaaay across the park. That bowtie is amazing.

This picture oddly stands out to me. Idk why though, maybe my silly pose?
Sunlight is one of the most beautiful backgrounds...EVER

Another fashionable guy. The outfit was simple, but i worked so well for him, I had to snap a shot.He wasn't to interested in being photographed =/. OH WELL lol
My Asian Sidekick.

Yours truly
Midtown. Aint nothing like it!

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