how come you don't call me!!!

                   Yesterday I had an outing with my two bestfriends in the whole wide world! Naya and Jordan! woot woot! She (Naya) had just came in town the day before, even though we go to school just 45 mins away from each other, and we had to do something before the holiday. We stole the car, packed that bitch up and got the fuck on! We were suppose to go to the museum, BUT we got there 25 mins before closing, and i refuse to believe we could have seen everything in that amount of time (hell it takes me 30 just to walk up those fucking steps) 
My Cuntraisin

                       Needless to say, we made the most of the day and promptly bullshitted the time away. Ah, being young. I bet the old people miss it. Oh yes before i forget, Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy it, I guess. Im a little touched that my new beau hasn't texted or called but i'll spend time with my cuntraisin Naya to get 'em off my mind...until later tonight (damn hormones). See you on the other side hippies!

I loved this outfit. im normally not a fan of leggings but this gets a yes
Again, not really a fan of neutral colors but i dig this.

My new beau. That mustache is absolute sex
My slutmuffin!

Rainboots =) Guess who's...

Ahhhhh! Outfits from Cirque Du Soleil I wanna go soooooo bad =(

The Structure is so beautiful I just had to take a picture of it. 


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