red hair legend.

(Urban outfitters altered shirt, Old Navy Blazer, Levi's Jeans, Aldo's Boots)

i have achieved a status of semi-notability around campus. I was walking to my german class at 9 in the morning (which is a new time for me to be up and moving) and while i was staring ominously into the people walking in front of me, a girl happen to look and catch my eye, mainly cause she was gawking. Ugh. So she waved i waved, i thought that was it, but no, she followed up the already awkward exchange with "you're the boy with the red hair!". "Am I now?" I guess having red hair and dressing the way i do will get you noticed on a campus with 20,000+ students. Eh, if it gets me more readers. I should have told her to read the blog. Oh well.  
These are just some random shots of my outfit of the day and my accessory drawer which has its own style, and my new tattoo (via black ink pen) =]

love love love! and comment! 


  1. L.O.V.E! I just realised that's what your ink says. love it. love the boots too. thanks for your comment

    F. ( x