Pseudo Forest.

Its been awhile since I've posted pictures of me on here. Shame? Yes. I've grown my hair back out and it feels so good to have hair again, i'm never cutting it off again, ever! This past week has been busy and I've been swamped in work, but its all with the blog in mind believe it or not. My lovely bff and I went out recently and saw the perfect place to take pictures. It was a little nook in the front of a building with a large array of bushes and flowers blocking it, with the back being wide open, giving off the appearance of a forest. Very whimsical, very unusual, very us. The pictures turn out wonderfully and it was just our luck, because as sonn as we finished a horrendous storm rushed through! Would have made lovely pictures with all that wind though..... Anywho, Some sort of  fashion epiphany came over me, and now im interested in photoshoots. Im not questioning it, just a little heads up would have been nice. 

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