Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall 12/13

Here's Louis Vuitton's Fall collection for Menswear. LV has continuously shown that they are the kings of men collection shows and this one is no different.

The beautiful arrays of fall staples like brown, gray, maroon, navy, black blended well together and were used as splendid transitions between dress up and casual wear of the collection.

The detailing on each garment was spectacular as well. The pockets on the trench coats were to die for as well as the knits.

The accessories stood out as well with the large, plush scarves that seemed to comfortably swallow the models heads. The bags varied from 3d structured like totes and cases to flat satchels. The most stand out where the 1 handle totes which looked like a crossbreed between a briefcase and a overnight bag. Im still on the fence with these as they are very stylish and versatile, but the practicality is a slight issue with me (i like 2 handles). The most exciting feature, to me, were the steel toed & heel shoes.

Point blank beautiful! All in all this collection has won me over with no (big)complaints.

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