Fox Tail.

These are a couple pics I took from Monday. Its officially October, which in my book, equals Autumn. Im already formulating my Fall obsessions and whatever else my brain can come up with. I know I want a pair of Jeffery Campbell Booties.

Yes. I want a pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes and im aware that they will make me 6'4 and i have come to terms with that. What I'm most daftly afraid of is the steps and hills I may encounter. I also am lusting over fox tails and such. They are the new hot piece for the Fall/Winter and im slowly seeing it peek and perforate its way into wardrobes all over.

I only have two but im ordering and shopping around for more and I'm looking for only the largest and plushiest, which means more money spent. Well worth it. I wore my UO burgundy track jacket, black Levi's, favorite pair of boots, and Zara Striped sweartershirt.  For accessories, I got creative and clipped my Fox tail keychain onto a necklace. Im thinking of turing one of them into a necklace, idk yet...

Oh yeah, I also wore a vintage-esque ring I found in my grandmother's room. Score!

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