NYC FW Entry #1: Marc Jacobs 2011 Fall Collection

Marc Jacobs revealed his fall collection at NYC Fashion Week. One of the strongest at NYC FW and i'm going to do a review of what I liked and didn't like.
marcjacobsfall Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 | New York Fashion Week

marcjacobsfall1 Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 | New York Fashion WeekIn my opinion this is one of his most adventurous collections, and although it has a them we've seen many times ( where past and future come together) its very well put together. Obvious 40's silhouettes blended together with metallic and lustrous material, combined with the runway's icy celestial ambiance gives the collection an almost other-worldly vibe. I really adored the shine and reflection giving off of the material, driving the theme home.

Wanna know what I didn't like? Come find out after the smoke break.

Now for the negatives. Im not really a fan of polkadots and when they are used in abundance, I cringe. Hard.

marcjacobsfall7 Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 | New York Fashion Week

marcjacobsfall8 Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 | New York Fashion Weekmarcjacobsfall2 Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 | New York Fashion WeekThere was a COPIOUS amount of polkadots...even a dress made completely out of dot shapes -__-.
Now I enjoyed the designs but I can't get past my pre-determined hatred of dots. Another downer is that as well put together and creative this line was, I could help but hear "LV...Louis...Vuitton..." as I watched. I don't know why, but i'm guessing it has something to do with anything dealing in fur and/or french-esque.

All in all I absolutely enjoyed the line and It was only of the strongest at Fashion Week.

I'll be posting up photos from his spring collection, and will be doing a review of that too!


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